George Birge Got To “Beer Beer, Truck Truck” Thanks to TikTok & Clay Walker

George Birge Got To “Beer Beer, Truck Truck” Thanks to TikTok & Clay Walker

When George Birge got to meet Clay Walker on a songwriter’s retreat, he immediately knew this was his chance to ask questions and get advice from a country singer and songwriter that he looked up to.

Not wanting to miss his chance George asked Clay what he should do to help his career, and get his music to a wider audience. Clay looked at the younger artist and said “just put your songs on TikTok”.

George admits that was not the advice he expect to get.

But it turns out that Clay knows what he’s talking about…the country crooner is very active on the app with nearly a million followers.

@claywalkerAnother favorite from the album ##TexasToTennessee. ##LovingYouThen ##countrymusic ##ranchlife ##farmtiktok ##dadlife ##cows ##cowsoftiktok♬ Loving You Then – Clay Walker

So, George took a leap of faith…or maybe a click of faith, and he signed on to the social media site.

After getting the advice from Clay, George shares, “I did get on TikTok that night actually, the night he told me. I clicked on the country music hashtag, and the first thing I saw was this girl Erynn Chambers who I know and I’ve become friends with…but she was making fun of country music saying it ain’t nothing but beer beer truck truck and girls in tight jeans and I took it as a challenge, the songwriter in me was like ‘what if I take this and turned it on his head?’ I posted it really just out of fun and I could have never imagined the way that people would connect with it, but it went on to just go insanely viral”

@georgebirgeofficialHey @rynnstar if you see this will you send me a message, I need to give you songwriting credit! ##FYP ##country ##countrymusic ##originalsong♬ original sound – George Birge

It went so viral that it lead to George getting a record deal, his song being on the radio…and even a surprise moment a baseball game in August…which George shared on TikTok…

@georgebirgeofficialDang, looks like I’m a @redsox fan now 🤯🍻 ##baseball ##countrymusic ##fyp ##redsox♬ original sound – George Birge

Looking back on it now, George can’t believe the series of events that have happened since Clay Walker shared that advice with him, “It’s given me a brand new opportunity on the artist side. So, life definitely has a funny way of shaking up your plans and I’m really glad it did”

Check out the music video for George Birge’s “Beer Beer, Truck Truck.”

Photo Credit: Dustin Haney