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What you need to know about coronavirus on Saturday, June 6

The World Health Organization reversed course on face masks yesterday. It’s now encouraging people to wear them to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. The general public should use fabric masks in high-spread areas, the WHO said, or whenever social distancing is impossible. The global health agency also said that all health workers, not just those…MORE

Kids are born biased but parents can keep it from mutating into racism

As the United States erupts in protests and push back against systemic racism, parents are worried. Parents of black kids navigate far more fundamental worries and much higher stakes, fearing that their children’s lives will be taken for jogging, driving, even sleeping in their own homes. Some parents of white kids, meanwhile, fear they’ll raise…MORE

‘Shades of Black’ and other toddler books celebrate black families

Children love to see images of themselves in the books that are read to them and in the books they read. While representation has rarely been a problem for white families with young kids, it hasn’t always been so easy for parents of black, Latino, Asian and other nonwhite children to find their skin colors…MORE

Temporary restraining order prohibits Denver Police from using chemical agents or projectiles against peaceful protesters without supervisor approval

Calling the Denver Police Department’s efforts to “police its own” a failure, a US District Court Judge granted a temporary restraining order late Friday evening prohibiting the use of “chemical weapons or projectiles of any kind against persons engaging in peaceful protests or demonstrations.” The temporary restraining order (TRO) granted by Judge R. Brooke Jackson…MORE

Joe Biden wins enough delegates to secure Democratic nomination

Former Vice President Joe Biden has earned enough delegates to officially secure the Democratic nomination for president, CNN projected on Saturday. Biden has been the presumptive Democratic nominee since April, when Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders dropped out of the primary. His electoral victory in Guam on Saturday allowed him to surpass the necessary 1,991 delegates…MORE